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Pasta e fagioli con Tiziana.

Pasta e fagioli. This typical and traditional autumnal Roman dish will warm your bones and make the inevitable seasonal time change less painful, I promise. It’s perfect for those chilly nights, watching the fire dance and crackle. My favorite memories of pasta e fagioli go back to my grandparents. There was a running competition inContinue reading “Pasta e fagioli con Tiziana.”

Lent in quarantine

The world closed its arms and we stood at the ends of our bridge over the ocean. You were ready with your paper bags, with your new, short hair, like the distance we hoped to bridge. The mist has rolled instead. In the distance, the lighthouse bell is telling us to go home. No wind,Continue reading “Lent in quarantine”


Antipasto (lui/him) 8 marzo, un mimosa è servito. Due giorni ed il pranzo comincia. Sono passati quasi due anni da quel volo ed oggi l’attesa di un altro, insieme.Tu, due bagagli pieni di sfide e di domande. Io, il mio armadio a metà, ed il mischiarsi dell’odore del tuo maglione giallo.Quanti sogni abbiamo coltivato inContinue reading “Together.”


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Hi, Paige and Gianluca here. We met on a plane in 2017 on the way to Rome. It’s been quite the adventure and that’s why we’d like to share it with you. Join us, literally, in Italy. We arrange bespoke tours to some of our favorite Italian spots. Andiamo, let’s go!

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