About tavolotwelve

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Meet Paige & Gianluca

It all started on a plane…

In 2017, Gianluca and I (Paige, here – hi!) met on a plane and the rest is history. You never meet ANYONE worth your time on a plane, or, so they say. Not true for myself, a Italo-Jersey girl, and Gianluca, a pure blooded Roman. We learned that we both shared a common passion for Italy, cultures, and travel. While our dreams and passions slowly brewed through our experiences traveling together, admiring good food and spending time with each others families, those ideas finally boiled over, creating tavolotwelve. Gianluca and I wanted to share these same experiences with those we loved. We started creating small itineraries for friends and family traveling to Italy and we thought, wouldn’t it be incredible to turn this excitement and passion into a business. That’s when it hit. tavolotwelve was born through so many of the lives and souls that touched us during our travels throughout Italy and around the world. There’s something about the passion that many Italians have for their villages and regions that truly gives us inspiration for tavolotwelve. The idea of creating experiences that open travelers to local living – that’s what we’re striving to achieve.

Passion into purpose…

tavolotwelve‘s aim and purpose is to provide our travelers with curated experiences that we’ve come to know and love through the places and people we’ve met. Whether you love food, artisan artwork, history, or wine, we believe there’s something for everyone waiting just down a cobblestone street or in a small piazzetta. We want you to live off the beaten path, even if it’s just for a few days, moments, or hours. A personal experience with a local leather maker, farmer, fishmonger, or winemaker is the difference between buying that leather bag off the shelf or having it made custom for you by one of our favorite local leather designers. Our purpose at tavolotwelve is to welcome you to our table and into our passion for connecting and colliding world’s – just as we did with ours.

The traveler…

The traveler, YOU, is so important to us. We are travelers by heart. Our souls met because we are travelers looking for the greatest experience of them all – life. Here at tavolotwelve we aim to bring like minded travelers together to experience what it is that wakes you up in search of adventure. We’re not talking about jumping out of a plane or anything (unless that’s something you’re into and, heck, we can make arrangements – parachutes please!). As fellow travelers, we are committed to the journey. The journey of feeling at ease, at home, and enjoying those moments where we get to take a break from whatever reality is a plane, train, or car ride away.

Nostro tavolo, our table…

Our name tavolotwelve or table twelve came from a standing reservation that my grandfather had every Saturday night – 5:00 PM at table twelve. With a dry, dirty, straight up martini waiting for him on the table, you knew you were always in for a treat – an interesting conversation, a special cut of meat ordered specifically for grandpa, and a bunch of laughs. This reservation was held for 10 years and was one of the most constant and important meetings that I still refer to to this day, even since his passing.

Gianluca can say the same about lunches at his grandmothers table. Living and growing up in Rome, his grandmother would set out to her local butcher and get the “Gianluca cut of meat” (still to this day we’re not sure what kind of meat that is). She’d cook it just the way he liked it and send him off to swim practice.

We shared almost the same long standing reservations from across the world, without ever knowing it. That’s the beauty of travel. The beauty of meeting new people. And the beauty of the world we live in today. It’s the here and now – the experiences we can share with one another, through travel, by sitting down for a shared meal, glass of wine, or at the pedestal of a pottery spinner. tavolotwelve collides both Gianluca’s Italian heritage and my Italian-American heritage. By merging the tables together and creating memories for and with travelers who take a seat at our table (martini’s included), our aim is in creating curated experiences from the moment we meet to the moment we continue on our journeys. So, come along and make a standing reservation to experience what it is that we fell in love with at tavolotwelve – we’ll be sure to bring the laughs, local vibes, and dirty martinis.