Sourdough Experience


Hello, ciao, my #DoughGoods! I hope you and your loved ones are feeling healthy and happy. I know this time is uncertain for many of us, but I am sending you good vibes to wherever you may be in the world. I started baking bread on March 23, 2020 – during the thick of quarantine mode and haven’t stopped since. At first, I was just trying to produce something good enough to eat, but as it turns out baking bread is somewhat obsessive, at least to me it is! And because I can’t possibly eat that much bread, I started sharing it with friends, neighbors, healthcare and town professionals, people in need…whoever is hungry enough to try a loaf! I am continuously recipe testing and baking every day to be able to share and break bread with you all. If you are local to the New Jersey area and interested in trying some bread, please reach out. We would love to break bread with you.

We started #DoughGood as a way to connect the community through food. #DoughGood is an experience that feels as good as it tastes. For every loaf you get, I will give a loaf back to our local community members who are in need – healthcare workers, families, the elderly, or someone who just needs a smile! I feels so grateful to share this experience with you all. Sourdough truly is a labor of love and what better way to show love than to break bread with you. Let’s continue to #DoughGood.

Once we can be together again, tavolotwelve will be sharing our sourdough experiences with you all; holding at home workshops. Teaching you how to create beautiful bread for those you love – and maybe some other tavolotwelve specialties. We can’t wait to share these culinary experiences with you as well as our experiences through Italy.

For now, we’re sending you big hugs and inspiration to continue growing and living each day in the moment. All you need are a few ingredients to make it right. Keep it simple, classy and fun.

Loads of love and big bread hugs,